Marine engines survey

Our intervention is required in case of a nautical survey, in order to evaluate the maintenance costs, to estimate the damages and to establish the commercial value of the engines and of the single components.

We are usually asked to carry out these surveys by nautical brokers, potential buyers or used boats traders. Our official diagnostic instruments allow us to provide certified reports, which validates our surveys both in the judicial and extrajudicial field. Moreover we support the shipbuilding industry in the machinery configuration and testing as well as in their related certifications.

Our services

  • Site inspections
  • Surveys of the machinery for trade purpose
  • Sea trial for trade with report release
  • Electronic diagnostic of the engines with official instruments, endoscopy, digital oscilloscopic control with report release

Alwyas performing engines

  • Periodic inspections with oil - filters change - sensor check and diagnosis
  • Ordinary maintenance
  • Wintering (treatments for winter season)
  • Hydraulic system repair, supply of hydraulic pipes
  • Complete refitting of the engine rooms for pleasure and work boats
  • Assistance and repair of naval inverters
  • Assistance and repair of naval electricity generators
  • Control, inspection and cleaning with ultrasonic injectors
  • Assistance and repair of air conditioning system
  • Electronic engine diagnostics with appropriate official tools and release of certified reports
  • Digital endoscopy
  • Digital oscilloscopic control with release of reports
  • Compression tests and injection system control
  • Engine wear status
  • Oil, fuel and liquid analysis

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Assistance for Volvo Penta, MAN, Twin Disc, Veco - Fisher Panda, Saim, ZF Marine, FPT, Coelmo, Climma

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More than 20 years experience

Today we are a reference point for the naval sector, thanks to our high technological equipment, our qualified team and advanced diagnostic solutions.

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