Authorized shop by immagine Veco - Fisher Panda

Officina Ghetti knows Veco - Fisher Panda mechanics and can give you customized assistance and support solutions based on your specific needs, to always guarantee maximum productivity to your business.

Officina Ghetti was founded in 1996 by Maurizio Ghetti and since then has developed a great experience in Veco - Fisher Panda engines for work boats and pleasure crafts.

Over the years it has become the reference point for the nautical sector. It has also obtained several quality certifications and is officially representing dealer Veco - Fisher Panda. Officina Ghetti offers its experience and high quality spare parts necessary to guarantee optimal performance, reliability and efficiency in consumption, during the entire lifecycle of the engine. Moreover, Ghetti shop has advanced diagnostic systems, the whole range of special tools and always updated maintenance information. The maintenance and repair interventions are made by qualified technicians, who receive continuing training and use only original Veco spare parts.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week Veco - Fisher Panda on-site assistance

Assistance with advanced diagnostic solutions to identify and solve any electric or electronic anomaly of the management equipment on outboard and inboard engines Veco - Fisher Panda

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More than 20 years experience

Today we are a reference point for the naval sector, thanks to our high technological equipment, our qualified team and advanced diagnostic solutions.

  • Telephone availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • High qualified team
  • Assistance on-site and abroad
  • Warehouse - high quality original spare parts